How to apply for Remote International Jobs online

How to apply for Remote International Jobs online

As Covid lockdowns pushed many employees to work remotely, companies experienced the major benefits of hiring remote employees, and have started to rapidly pursue remote jobs even as lockdowns have subsided.

Over a year into the pandemic, the opportunity to work from anywhere has become a major possibility, and major International companies are looking to keep their work-from-home policies beyond the pandemic.

For many workers transitioning to or continuing to work remotely full-time, the opportunity to do International remote jobs may be appealing, and countries around the world are offering workers the option to do just that, through remote work programs.

If you are looking to work remotely for International Companies, these are the steps you can follow:

1. Research International Remote Jobs and their Job descriptions

Scan through Google Jobs, Linkedin Jobs, as well as many other Job Posting Sites and filter out Jobs in your Domain or field of expertise, and carefully understand and note down the expectations that these International Companies are looking for. Find requirements which overlap for multiple Jobs, and note them down.

Shortlist the companies and jobs that best fit your skillset, interests, and Work Profile, and visit their websites and Linkedin to find out what these companies do, and how they execute their Business. This information will be valuable for you to better build your CV, your Linkedin Job Profile, as well as to get you through your Interview.


2. Convert your Resume to a Standard Global Format

Resumes differ from one another in the types of information that they display, in what way that they present it, and what parts of it they emphasize. Most Document CVs that we screen here at Hirepermonth range from randomized to outright chaotic, with no emphasis on any of the most important aspects taken into consideration by companies and interviewers.

We recommend you to follow International Standard Guidelines for building your CV, and to keep it concise and short, while focusing more on your Work Profile and History. Highlight the most important tasks performed in your work profile. This enables you to convey much more information in a short span of attention, and stand out from the rest of the competitors.

Use a powerful CV builder to stick to a standard template format, and to make it look clean, professional, and attractive without putting a lot of time and effort.

Check out Hirepermonth’s CV Builder here


3. Get a Global Platform’s Course, Skill, or Internship Certification

Search and grab any relevant Global Platforms’ Course, Skill, or Internship Certifications if you have any. These profiles enable you to display your prowess among other Remote Job Seekers, as these certifications are indicators that you have participated in the International Job Market.


4. Update your Linkedin Profile

Linkedin is by far the most important tool in your arsenal, as it helps you build and maintain your work profile, and it enables businesses to verify your CV’s claims. Keeping your Linkedin Profile up-to-date, and engaging and posting at least once a week goes a long way into making a memorable mark on the Interview Team’s eyes.

Also, don’t forget to add in your Global Platform’s certification, and make a post and tag the Platform for awarding it to you.


5. Search Remote Jobs on Job Sites

Some of the biggest Job boards you should consider include LinkedIn, Times Jobs, Monster India, Indeed, Shine, Freshersworld, Glassdoor, etc.

Apart from those you have platforms like Hirepermonth’s Job Search, and Upwork for finding Jobs

However, Hirepermonth’s research team has noted that the most daunting task in applying for jobs abroad is really finding an edge that you simply can apply for. This is confusing because there is no clear-cut model to finding work abroad, no website that lists every job open for you.

That is why Hirepermonth has developed a unique and integrated model for addressing the need for International Remote Jobs Online. On Hirepermonth, you can start out by searching for Jobs and Companies through our powerful and multi-dimensional Search Algorithm. Favorite your preferential Companies and find relevant details about them, build your profile using our proprietary Profile Builder in accordance with the researched data, and start applying for Jobs. Hirepermonth handles the Remote Job process from end-to-end, and handles your Salary payments, as well as contracts, so you don’t need to worry about that stuff.

Once you have followed the steps above, you can be confident and start reaching out to International companies for remote jobs with a standardized International Work Profile tailored to suit the International Market needs.

Start searching for Remote International Jobs Now.